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If you are a parking operator or just planning to launch pay parking you will appreciate the features we developed through working with clients in more than 17 cities.

MINIPARK is an administrative system built on an intricate and tested model, designed to make most of the latest handsets on the market. In its construction and ongoing development we not only identify and respond to existing demand, but often pre-empt client requirements. Besides storing all relevant technical and financial data, MINIPARK is capable of comprehensively presenting them from both an operational and a management point-of-view. Meeting data protection guidelines and supporting the verification procedure are both key during the administrative process. Handheld devices using the latest technology connect on-site parking to administrative functions, while the requirements for restricted access to the system are verified by an independent auditor.

Comprehensive Administration Features:

  • In sync with prevailing penalty charge provisions
  • Parking control supported by PDA handsets and mobile printers
  • Online data transfer between the handsets and the administrative system
  • Ongoing communication with parking attendants, with parking pass and penalty notice synchronization
  • Supporting remote penalty payment options
  • Automatic recording of GPS data, case and attendant tracking on a virtual map
  • Full registry of correspondence (with templates) using the latest applications
  • Automatic data input from banks, postal services and data providers (Home Office, Administrative and Electronic Public Services Office)
  • Cashier functions with daily and monthly balance closing options
  • Secure and personal data-protected administration of parking offences
  • Support for penal procedures
  • Easy data queries for management purposes

Make Your System Client-Friendly

Parking offenders can now access up-to-date information on their case online thanks to the CLIENT GATEWAY feature. They can find out more about the circumstances leading to the fine and even be presented with photographic evidence, which means that the volume of customer service enquiries and complaints should drop significantly. The data accessible through the CLIENT GATEWAY is linked to the administration process, so motorists can monitor the status of their case and check the exact amount payable at all times.